Kerry Green Homemade Jams

Simple, Delicious and Natural

About Us

Kerry Green Homemade Jams was first estabilished in the mid seventhies in the beautiful countryside of Kerry as a small local Business.

We at Kerry Green continues to make our jams and marmalades to the same Traditional Irish Recipes today.

When you eat Kerry Green Homemade Jams you can taste the wholefruit strawberries, raspberries, blackberries etc...

You can taste the delicious natural fruit flavours in our jams.

Kerry Green Jams still use the same Traditional Irish Recipes handed down through the Generations with 100% pure Natural Ingredients.

We pride ourselves on the quality and taste of our jams which is free from Artificial Flavours, Colouring or Additives.

At home, we use jam on icecream, we put it on pancakes, toast, buttered scones, homemade bread.

If you have a problem getting your children to eat a good breakfast. Try hot oatmeal in the morning, it is a delicious heathy breakfast tasting extra scrumptious with a tablespoon of Kerry Green Jams!

I give my children oatmeal two or three times a week and they love to experiment with the different jam flavours on their oatmeal.

Kerry Green Homemade Jams deliciously delicate unforgetable flavours will remain in your mouth long after you have finished eating!

My two children.